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Summer Trail Announcement!

The Camp Grier Connector, the Yellow Blazed Rostan Trail, that links Salt Gap to the Fonta Flora State Trail, will be closed until Labor Day (September 6, 2021) for summer camp use.

We recognize that Camp Grier sits in a unique position at the lower region of the Old Fort Trail Complex. For the past two years we’ve been working to complete a 3 mile connector trail on Camp Grier property called the Rostan Trail. This yellow blazed trail will connect Salt Gap on Jarrett Creek Rd. to the FFST. We will be working over the summer to complete the final few segments of this trail with the goal of opening the entire 3 mile connector on Labor Day this year.

We want to partner with hikers, runners, and cyclists to provide access on the Rostan Trail. However we must also provide a safe environment for our campers and families each summer. Therefore, we will close the Rostan Trail to the public between Memorial Day and Labor Day each year to accommodate our summer camp programming. We will then open this connection back up between Labor Day and Memorial Day so it can be used by hikers, runners, and cyclists.

Camp Grier is a non-profit camp working hard to get all kids outdoors, bring more trails to Pisgah, and make our world a little bit better. We recognize that we all need more access to the outdoors. Everyone at Camp Grier loves to run, ride, hike, climb, paddle, and generally be outside. And, we love trails! Our G5 Trail Collective initiative is making incredible strides with our partners to bring more trails to this region of Pisgah National Forest. Please be respectful of this closure and follow the rules below. Please work with us and other land managers so we all have more trails to enjoy.

Trail Rules

  1. The ROSTAN TRAIL IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC FROM LABOR DAY (first Monday in September) to Memorial Day (last Monday in May) and CLOSED IN BETWEEN FOR SUMMER CAMP PROGRAMMING.

  2. The ROSTAN TRAIL IS THE ONLY TRAIL AT CAMP GRIER OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. All other trails are for registered guests only. If you would like to reserve a cabin or stay at Camp Grier please visit our website at or call our office at 828-668-7793.

  3. The ROSTAN TRAIL IS A HIKE / BIKE TRAIL. It’s closed to non-camp equestrian use, motorized vehicles, and e-bikes.


  5. Please KEEP DOGS ON LEASH at all times while on the Rostan Trail. We have horses at camp who use our trail system daily. Unleashed dogs can be a hazard to horses and riders.

  6. Please stay on the Rostan Trail (yellow blaze) and obey all camp signs.

  7. Please ride dry trails only. If you’re leaving tire marks the trail is too wet.

  8. Please help us by spreading the word about this seasonal closure.

  9. Please come out and volunteer for a G5 Trail Work Day by checking out our website at

  10. Remember to Be Nice and “Say Hi”.


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The New Old Fort.

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