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About Us

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A Collective

We're a group of people who love the outdoors. We're hikers, mountain bikers, equestrian enthusiasts, trail runners, and people who grew up playing outside  and want to see our children have places to play outside. Our Collective was born in a little mountain town called Old Fort, North Carolina. but we're dedicated to the entire Grandfather Ranger District of Pisgah National Forest. 

The G5 is powered by Camp Grier and our leadership believes that trails have the power to transform our communities into healthy and economically vibrant places if all groups are invited to participate.

We believe in "Trails for All". Our projects aren't mountain bike projects but we love to build mountain bike trails. Our projects aren't equestrian projects but we want to build some horse trails too. Our projects aren't trail running projects but we're going to build some great loops. Are projects aren't hiking projects but our trails will get you to some amazing places on foot.

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